Zambia commemorates international Anti-corruption Day under the theme: your right, your role. say no to corruption.

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Hi lovelies,

Today, Zambia has joined the entire world to commemorate the international Anti-corruption Day at the Lusaka show grounds main Arena with this year’s theme being, ‘Your right, your role. Say no to Corruption.’

This theme has come to all Zambians at the right time as stakeholders such as the Anti-Corruption commission have indicated that the fight against corruption should not only be left to the statutory bodies alone; citizens should also join the fight to curb the vice.   It was further stated that corruption should be handled in a Multi-sectoral approach in order to curb it.  This is because corruption affects all people and brings suffering to the social and economic development of a country which later results into poverty, crime and unequal distribution of resources.

As such, let us join in the fight against corruption. Even if it is impossible to eradicate it completely, we can help alleviate its levels and eventually win over it.

If you at home, this is your chance to tune in to your local television and radio stations for watch and listen; and learn how we can help each other combat the practice of corruption. and for those that are abroad and oversees, you can watch the entire event on #Mwebantu Facebook page right now


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