The child who made peace with God through music

Mweene Nchimunya; the child who made peace with God through Music.

Finding a purpose is hard especially when fate is against your desires. This is what most people orphaned at a tender age would say but for Mweene Nchimunya, a young man aged 27; this was a chance to find his purpose in life. 

Born in Choma, Southern Zambia, Mweene left his hometown and grew up elsewhere because he was orphaned at an early stage. However, this did not weigh him down as he took solace in Music

It was this interest and passion for Music and singing that has made him a seasoned Gospel artist today. He went ahead to compliment his love to sing for God with Theology studies at the renowned Rusangu University, an Adventist University in Zambia.

When interviewed over his life’s decision to sing and preach, Mweene simply stated that he loves to share the Gospel truth through preaching, teaching and singing.

“Music is my life and passion.  There is no better way to share the gospel than in melody, Hence, I am now a gospel artist.”

When 100mirrors further asked why he’s chosen gospel over other genres of music, Mweene responded saying that he chose gospel music because he believes his purpose is to bring light to the world of darkness and set free the sin captivated souls through preaching Jesus in melody.

However, just like any other artist, he has not been spared from challenges. He indicated that the challenge he faced at the beginning of his journey as a musician was trying to be at peace with God.

“I believed that I cannot give what I do not have. I needed to be it and experience it before sharing it” he said vividly.

 The gospel artist also stated that he had difficulty balancing between school and music, and that he was struggling financially.

When asked if he had made peace with God, Mweene’s response was simple. He assured 100mirrors that his relationship with God is was better and wished to have enough time for his music career.

“I believe that my music is very relevant to my audience because without it, there is no hope for the human race.”

Mweene has since released one songs titled Day 41 and two more are yet to come with titles,  small heaven (marriage) and divine Obsession (God’s Love).


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