Alert! Garbage on the loose

While others are striving to keep Zambia clean by stashing garbage in garbage plastics and having it taken to the land fill by the garbage collectors, unknown people in Matero residential area in Zambia have taken to dumping rubbish at other people’s wall fences.

While the reasons for such behavior is still unknown, victims have attested that these people come to dump garbage during night time to avoid being seen. As such, these people have not been identified or caught despite the vice having continued for a long time. Some have speculated saying culprits do not pay the stipulated fee of garbage collection and when the rubbish piles up and becomes smelly, they come to dump it near other people’s wall fences at night.

The garbage plastics and sacks include all kinds of rubbish including used baby diapers and perishables which can cause serious health problems especially now that it is rain season in the country.

Residents are appealing to relevant authorities to help find a way of arresting these people and bringing an end to such unhygienic conduct because they are tired of cleaning after other people garbage. Furthermore, relevant authorities like the Council should help in the cleaning of such places to avoid the spread of diseases.


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