“I just got disturbed recently when I found out he gives his parents K3, 000 every montH” -lady admits.

Hi lovelies, I hope you are doing great. I know it’s been a while since I was busy working on the blog fundraising magazine. It’s done now and it’s seeing at ZMK1 or its equivalent $0.056. You can email me at muzhingalotusk@gmail.com for guidelines on how you can get a copy.

Today’s topic is about taking care of our parents in their old age. This write up was inspired by a disturbing post I saw on Tikambe News Facebook page whereas aa lady was asking the public for advice on how to tell her fiancé to stop taking care of his parents financially. Shocking right? I thought so too. However, whether the story is true or not, this issue must be addressed because there are thousands of children out there who have neglected their parents after forming their own families.

As farfetched as it may sound, but it is true that two parents and sometimes one can raise ten children; feed them, take them to school and provide for their needs until they are old enough to fend for themselves and have families but these same children will later fail to take care of these two or one parent claiming that they have a lot of responsibility in their hands. How possible is that?

There is a proverb in the African world, precisely Zambian and Bemba saying, “Mayo mpampa naine kakumpampa” translating to Mother piggyback me and I will piggyback you in the future. This saying simply means that our parents take care of and nurture us to grow up well while we are young so that when we are older and they are old and struggling, we will be a le to take care of them as well. Sadly, this adage is never practiced by most people.

While Africans usually label the aged parents as witches and Wizards, our folk in the west would rather admit parents to the home of the agedbutwe forget that what goes around will surely come around to haunt us. You reap what you sow and hence, you may have to face the same predicament when you are old.

To be honest, our parents sacrifice slot to bring us up and we as their children cannot repay them with such treacherous acts of neglecting them, letting them go hungry and distressing them when we have the men’s to take care of them. These are our parents and they evidently do a lot for us to reach the stage of having our own families. No amount of money can repay them for their love, support and goodness to us and thus, the list we can do is to be their pillar in times when they cannot stand alone; be their shield in times when they are vulnerable to pain and be their hope and solution in times of need and trouble.

Therefore, if you are a child and you have neglected your parents for one or more reason, reflection your actions and if you are being Influenced by your woman, woman or friends to exhibit such behaviour then remember where you came from and the fact that you wouldn’t be where you are if it were not for your parents. Further remind people who want to stop you from supporting your family physically and financially that you owe it to your parents for your safe existence and that they are your blood with whom you cannot afford to cut ties with.

Age, money, fame and power can diminish abruptly or with time, but the unwavering Loveland commitment of parents towards their child has no limit. Remember that always,my lovelies.

Until next time, stay safe, be good and do good❤️


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