Trending news is that Nigerian heartthrob actor, Yul Edochie has a second wife, Judy Austin and his first wife, May is not happy about it. Well, in normal circumstances, no woman would be happy about it even though poligamy is quite widespread in Africa.

From time in memorial, poligamy, well known as ‘Mpali’ in Zambia has been a part of most African traditions, but not everyone has been able to embrace this custom because it has more problems than benefits to offer for those engaged in the practice.

For those who do not know what poligamy is; it is the practice of engaging into marital statuses with more than one partner. For instance, a man having more than one wife or a woman having more than one husband. Although, it is not common, there has been instances where one women has been reported to have two husbands here in Africa.

With that being said, today, I am going to share my opinion on why I think poligamy should not be embraced even though it is part of tradition for some African and others races, of course. Please note that my opinions are solely based on my Christian and logical standing.

#1 It is against God’s purpose for marriage.

Back when God created man and woman, he intended for the two to marry, help each other to guard the world he’d entrusted to them and to multiply and feel the earth. God made a monogamous equation for marriage and intimacy and that is man + woman=marriage. If he’d wa ted Adam to practice poligamy, he would have created two Eves for him then. Well, I don’t know how you this this point but this is my opinion.

#2 Poligamy fuels negative emotions.

In Africa, poligamy is often embraced for purposes of prestige, having many children and also for mere devotion to traditional practices, but at the end of the day, it all leads to vanity.

I have seen what poligamy can do and from that experience, I can say that it brings nothing but hatred, gossip, jealousy and division among wivesor husbands and children involved.

As the law of love states, there is never the same love twice, meaning that one cannot love two or three different people with the same amount of love and care. Each person has a percentage and this can be seen by how a man treats his different wives in a poligamous marriage. There is always a favourite wife or child and this often leads to hatred, jealousy and division. This even becomes worse when the man dies and the family is left to share the property.

#3 poligamy is misleading.

The wise man Solomon had three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines and in the end, it declared it all vanity. I simply believe that his conclusion stems from a perspective where he discovered that he had been misled by many values, norms and standards of conduct that each woman possessed. These women were all different in culture background and probably ethnicity and each one had a religious belief different from another. No wonder he was forced to abandon God and worship moulded deities.

My point is having one wife or husband with whom you share the same or familiar views, beliefs and values is better than having many women with different points of view because they might confuse one’s way of life.

with that being said, these are the reasons why poligamy does not stand out to me. What about you? What your take on poligamy? And what do you think about the current situation been Yul and his his two wives. I would love to hear from you so get commenting so that we can learn from each other. Remember sharing is caring!

Have a lovely day, lovelies!


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