PSYCHOLOGY WITH MUNA: Happiness Is Fearful.


“Open your heart to happiness. Let every pore absorb light. Swim in the joy of the here and now and cast off the darkness of night. Walk in the summer of sunshine, fly in the blueness of sky. Know possibilities are boundless, understand that nothing can die. Step from the shadows of torment, sing till your throat gets too sore. Smile for as long as the day is, and laugh just a little bit more….” 

This poem done by Paul Hayward depicts every humans desire, the desire to be happy.

We are all searching for happiness. We want to face each day with a smile and enjoy the time we have on earth yet when such moments come, we fear happiness. Weird right!? Yet it will surprise you that a majority of people do experience a fear of happiness which leads to the active avoidance of being happy (Which is called Cherophobia, for those that love naming stuff!). 

People are afraid that if they become happy, it will not last. Fear of happiness is a thing, it is real. The basic reason to why this happens is that our mind is always in a survival mode. When having a good time, the mind will slowly creep in and say ‘ hey there! Having a good time right!? Don’t be too comfortable here, just know something is about to knock you off’. The mind would rather you stay alert and stressed so that you can be on top of things. 

The mind will trick you to believe that this present moment can’t be this good. Something is up. If you are in a happy relationship, the mind will say this is too good to be true, how long till this breaks or last. If you are having a good time today, well will this moment be there tomorrow as well!?.

See the mind clings back to painful situations and keeps revising and when happy situations come, it gets scared, yet all this while the mind is trying to become happy.

Now that you are aware of this phenomena, the next write up will dive into uncovering the causes of such a phenomenon and how we can escape from it. Just remember that you have the ability and right to be happy so till the next write up of Happiness is Fearful, try to be happy.


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