PoeticThursadays: thinking out loud


Fear of oblivion quivers my body and sends me in rivers of sorrow.

As I grow older, I realize there is much I haven’t done, dreams and goals I haven’t watched come true and be achieved.

My health is ever-failing, sending bolts of despair down my spine. As I write this piece, my eyes are filled with tears. A voice in my head tells me, I have failed myself.

Indeed I have. I am an excellent young maiden, full of fire and potential, yet all I can do is succumb to the desires of my flesh. It’s feeble and weary, unlike others.

I lie down and wake with heavy thoughts in my mind. If I had matured earlier, I would have done half the things I want so badly to do.

You may think I am wrong, wallowing in self-pity but that is not all. I am stronger than most people because I know the battles I have fought. To date, I am still fighting. This is my story, a story of a young woman who keeps fighting fate to live the life she’d always wanted.

Mark my words, I will live that life. The sorrow, despair, anger, and frustration will go away.

I am not alone. I have never been, so I will not give up, and neither should you.

if you ever feel like I do, tell yourself that you are not alone. You are a wave, waiting for the calm of the sea.

My fears are normal, but allowing them to control me is not normal, so I won’t

And I hope you don’t either.

Happy poetic Thursday!


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