Alert! Garbage on the loose

Garbage dumped near wall fences. Picture courtesy: 100mirrors While others are striving to keep Zambia clean by stashing garbage in garbage plastics and having it taken to the land fill by the garbage collectors, unknown people in Matero residential area in Zambia have taken to dumping rubbish at other people's wall fences. While the reasons … Continue reading Alert! Garbage on the loose


“Psychology with Muna” to debut this Wednesday.

Psychology with Muna is a article segment by Munandalu Monze, set to debut on 100mirrors, this Wednesday, 30th of September, 2020. This segment will consist of Psychological deliberations that Munandalu will be addressing every fortnight in order to help us understand more about Psychology. Image: Munandalu Monze As a young and high spirited Munandalu, his … Continue reading “Psychology with Muna” to debut this Wednesday.

Zambian Brief Updates🇿🇲

Following the Zambian Head of State's announcement to reopen schools during COVID-19 pandemic on Friday, 22nd of September during a parliamentary meeting, the Ministry of General Education has released a media statement concerning the dates set for learning to commence in the country. All pupils in examination classes and third year students at institutions of … Continue reading Zambian Brief Updates🇿🇲

Feature: A mother’s cry to well-wishers.

#MwiyaMukumbuta #MuviTV Reporter: Mwiya Mukumbuta, MuviTV News, Livingstone, Zambia. We are humbly requesting well-wishers to come to the aid of Monica, an unemployed single mother in Livingstone, Zambia who is seeking help to purchase a wheelchair for her son, Philip who suffers from celebral Palsy. Celebral Palsy, also known as CP is a congenital disorder … Continue reading Feature: A mother’s cry to well-wishers.