My trafficked love fiction novel by Muzhinga Kankinda; Pen Name: Lotus Khan. Hello lovelies! It has been a while. Well, the thing is I have been working on a new novel titled, 'My trafficked love'. The novel is centered on the crime of of human trafficking and that is why we are going to discuss … Continue reading BOOK PROMOTION: NOVEL MY TRAFFICKED LOVE


Fiction: Playboy has a heart pt6

Early that morning, Jason took a quick shower and dressed up faster than usual. He sat down at his table and took out Efe's medical file, perusing through it, looking for Efe's home address and after he had found it, he wrote down her home address and set off to go find her. Instinctively, Jason … Continue reading Fiction: Playboy has a heart pt6

Playboy has a heart pt5

After weeks of beginning the treatment procedure with Dr. Jason  Efe was finally feeling better and her desire to wither away by death's hand began to subside slowly but steadily as she still heard whispers from Jeff, calling her to join him in the afterlife.  That night she woke up after having a nightmare; Jeff … Continue reading Playboy has a heart pt5

Playboy has a heart. pt3

Jason grabbed his new patient's file from the table and strode to the waiting room. He eyed everyone in the room, smiling warningly as he locked eyes with an elderly woman on a wheelchair, happily eating away her burger.  "That's definitely not healthy for her.." he thought to himself.  The elderly woman smiled back and … Continue reading Playboy has a heart. pt3