PoeticThursadays: thinking out loud

THINKING OUT LOUD Fear of oblivion quivers my body and sends me in rivers of sorrow. As I grow older, I realize there is much I haven't done, dreams and goals I haven't watched come true and be achieved. My health is ever-failing, sending bolts of despair down my spine. As I write this piece, … Continue reading PoeticThursadays: thinking out loud


PoeticThursdays: I heard a song once.

I Heard a song once poem by Muzhinga Kankinda. I heard a song once. Then I went back, replayed and listened to every lyric. Soothing words, calling me to order, enshrining peace in my heart with every beat. The rhythm is pure like white, cleansing me of every hurt, hence there is no need to … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: I heard a song once.

Poetic-Thursdays: Looking into the Future….

Looking into the future.... Hello lovelies. today's poem is on Climate. I actually submitted it for the 2021 Africa@2050 Climate Fiction Competition. unfortunately, my entry was not successful and as such, I would love to share the poem with all my readers. Happy reading. Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com Once in a blue moon, … Continue reading Poetic-Thursdays: Looking into the Future….

PoeticThursdays: Odes of a brokenheart.

Image by Muzhinga Kankinda. Midnight hour; I am still wide awake.My eyes won't close because sleep won't grace my bed.Every day of my nights are filled with insomnia as I am lost in reverie of things I would like to redo; Turn back the hand of time, will you?I want to forget the rejection and … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: Odes of a brokenheart.

PoeticThursdays: Thoughts of a mortal

WELCOME TO POETICTHURSDAYS!! My life is fleeting just like a breeze on a windy day. It comes by and  passes away as the clock ticks in hours, minutes and seconds. When I sit down to think. I realize I haven't done or said much here but, what to do when the time comes; no one … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: Thoughts of a mortal

PoeticThursdays: Showers of emotion.

Though I be angry, the deeds can never be reversed.Though I be disappointed, my trust will remain broken still.Though I be rude, I won't be the better person. Though I be hateful, I won't experience inner peace and satisfaction.Though I cry, my tears could never be enough.Though I love, what good is it for the … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: Showers of emotion.

PoeticThursdays: The Art of Toxic Silence.

It's alright not to be alright, they sayBut the prejudice in the world says something else about the adage.People live in fear of expressing their pain, because someone out there might not understand and rather throw dirt at them.Depressed and stranded, people wither away into graves dug with love yet, they lived without a soul … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: The Art of Toxic Silence.