100mirrorsblog seeks to educate people globally on issues that really matter and affect people all over the world and aims to conform people to prioritize such issues and advocate for change.

The blogs features deliberations on issues of finance, culture, religion, women’s rights, human rights, lifestyle, abuse, violence, killings and more to ensure that people are aware of the happenings around them.

Meet the Writer, Muzhinga Kankinda

100mirrors is a blog that seeks to enlighten the entire world on issues that really matter and should be given high priority in the media industry for the sake of educating, informing and entertaining media consumers with right and purposeful information.

100mirrorsblog brings you a detailed order of information categorized to fit your desired sphere of knowledge and to pique your interest with opinions and facts, Wednesday Issue, PoeticThursdays, Afri-tainment, Guest posts and SundayArts.

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