Poetic-Thursdays: Looking into the Future….

Looking into the future.... Hello lovelies. today's poem is on Climate. I actually submitted it for the 2021 Africa@2050 Climate Fiction Competition. unfortunately, my entry was not successful and as such, I would love to share the poem with all my readers. Happy reading. Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com Once in a blue moon, … Continue reading Poetic-Thursdays: Looking into the Future….

PoeticThursdays: The Thoughts of my heart.

Photo by Olha Ruskykh on Pexels.com In my awake sleep, i hear the cautions of a noisy silence. Tell me you see it; that beautiful evil, slowly in haste. it lurks around, finding the lost in the barren city where the land is fertile with erosion. I seek happiness in the mortal dead and their … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: The Thoughts of my heart.

PoeticThursdays: Odes of a brokenheart.

Image by Muzhinga Kankinda. Midnight hour; I am still wide awake.My eyes won't close because sleep won't grace my bed.Every day of my nights are filled with insomnia as I am lost in reverie of things I would like to redo; Turn back the hand of time, will you?I want to forget the rejection and … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: Odes of a brokenheart.

PoeticThursdays: Thoughts of a mortal

WELCOME TO POETICTHURSDAYS!! My life is fleeting just like a breeze on a windy day. It comes by and  passes away as the clock ticks in hours, minutes and seconds. When I sit down to think. I realize I haven't done or said much here but, what to do when the time comes; no one … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: Thoughts of a mortal

PoeticThursdays: Showers of emotion.

Though I be angry, the deeds can never be reversed.Though I be disappointed, my trust will remain broken still.Though I be rude, I won't be the better person. Though I be hateful, I won't experience inner peace and satisfaction.Though I cry, my tears could never be enough.Though I love, what good is it for the … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: Showers of emotion.

PoeticThursdays: What is the cost of silence?

Keeping quiet, when the heart is full. You want to speak out; Yet, the right words find you not. Brace yourself for the pain of grudges, poison to the soul. Keeper of secrets, will you wait till the mind is soiled.  What hurts us is beyond, what binds me and you is absurd, our humanity … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: What is the cost of silence?