Substances and drugs; Why the abuse?

Drug trade and substance abuse are vices that have continued to prevail over health lifestyle for thousands of years and their devastating effects on people and the environment at large can be seen all around the world; in real life, in movies, newspapers and even on the prime time news. But, if people can see the negative impact of using drugs and substances, why on earth do people sell and abuse them? Why is it that these substances are so attractive to people, especially the young and vibrate folk? Why do people turn a deaf ear to awful reports about drug abuse and still bow to the devastating effects of substance abuse?

Well, it is evident that no culture in the world has been able to repel the problem of drug and substance trade and abuse. This is because drugs and substances are addictive, having an inherent enticing nature that lures people into taking them. They are also referred to as psychoactive drugs and substances because of their ability to alter consciousness and mood.

However, we cannot solely put the blame on the drugs and substances, I mean they don’t make themselves available to people, people make these available to themselves. 

Why do I say so? Man’s nature is engrossed in pressure, adventure and happiness but, those elements are highly impossible to attain in this god forsaken world. That’s right; sin subdued the perfect world leaving it in shambles; full of suffering, insecurities and inner conflicts. With that, there are always people who seek substances and drugs to make them feel different, good or better by altering their moods, feelings and thoughts.

For instance, some people seek refuge from their problems by drinking alcohol while others simply take alcohol to find a stimulating or exciting experience.

Therefore, people mostly use and abuse drugs and substances in order to avoid their problems and escape reality by getting drunk and feeling different. They are used to alleviate anxiety, enhance relaxation, provide relief, alleviate pain, increase strength and provide a temporal distortion from reality. For instance, a relative once told me that a glass of wine helps her sleep when she has problems.

But, question is what makes people want to use these drugs any. Today we are going to take a glimpse into reasons why people go on and on using and taking certain drugs and substances even though there are law enforcement and health regulations against the vices. 

  1. Alcohol

Now whether we like it or not, alcohol is ranked the second frequently used psycho-active substance in the world-second to caffeine. Its usage dates back to thousands years ago when Mead the first alcoholic beverage was being brewed using honey. 

When taken in low doses, alcohol causes the person taking it to experience a euphoric- like sensation whereas an individual starts to feel good; in fact everything around them feel good as the mood is suddenly happier if even if they were not happy before drinking. Furthermore, alcohol makes you to start liking yourself more and the not-so-good people around suddenly become the best people ever. As a result, alcohol is mostly used by people who are depressed in view of forgetting their worries and making themselves happy. 

However, I will not cease from mentioning that alcohol will have negative impacts on you after proving to be your savior. Alcohol has an effect on our brains, stopping the release of a chemical called Acetylcholine, a necessary component for the movement of nerve impulses from one nerve to another and without this chemical; the brain becomes depressed in its activities. Alcohol also causes other health complication like Liver and kidney damage. 

There was this movie I watched when I was a teenager; I do not remember what it was all about but I remember the words of one character in it, he said to his friend “Alcohol makes men brave and women loose”. I thought that was offensive to an extent but, I later realized he was simply explaining the effects of alcohol on men and women. It has been biologically proven that biological factors in a man make it more capable of tolerating larger amounts of alcohol than women.

Hence, women who drink with men are disadvantaged in many ways, one being that they will unable to exhibit judgment and sobriety, in the drunken state, leading to other social and healthy implication like unprotected sex, rape, unwanted and intended pregnancies, transmission of STIs, single parenting especially when you the man you had intercourse with is a stranger or when the man responsible refuses to take responsibility for his actions- trust me such men exist and they come in plenty.

  1. Cocaine 

Cocaine is a drug that is found in the leaves of the Erythroxylom coca plant. It causes an interesting sensation in the body and record shows that cocaine users are typically between the ages 12 and 39. 

This was confirmed by Sigmund Freud when he used it to relieve his depression. He described cocaine as a drug that caused exhilaration and lasting euphoria, further calling its effects as “Magical”. Being a drug that causes behavioral reinforcement, cocaine is used by some people in order to make life look better Hence, the drug is more inviting to people that are emotionally unstable and those that lack self-esteem.

  1.  Amphetamines

Although Amphetamines are not chemically related to Cocaine, their effects on people are similar.

However, Amphetamines are more potent, acting 24 hours in the body and can even be made at home using certain chemicals. However, these drugs can cause Psychosis, anger and aggression in the user. It also increases alertness, gives a sense of power, excitement and wakefulness while promoting a decreased sense of fatigue and elevating moods. This drug is commonly used by people suffering from depression and those that feel inferior and conquered as it make them feel better.

  1. Narcotics 

Narcotics are a group of drugs that cause narcosis, a relaxed dreamlike state. They come from the drug, opium and are called opiates. Now we understand why Karl Marx called Religion, the opium of the people but, that is beside the point, a topic for another time. So, opiates like heroin, morphine and codeine are used to relieve emotional pain, making them seductive and hard to control.

There you go, now you know why people abuse drugs and substances. People are broken, crushing each day. People are suffering inwardly and these substances and drugs provide temporal relief from pain, depression and anxiety. As a result, trade and uses of these drugs and substances will continue to be prevalent in the world despite law enforcement’s effort to get the drugs off the street and out of the hands of the manufacturers, distributors and those who use them.

Therefore, what we need is a solution to people’s problems so that they won’t opt for substance and drug abuse. We firstly need to treat the underlying causes; hopelessness, depression and feelings of worthlessness and separation in order to curb the vice of drug and substance abuse. Furthermore, Christian values are also essential in the fight against drug and substance abuse. Let us train our children to seek for God’s help whenever they are troubled and not seek solace in stimulants. Studies have shown that students who are affiliated to a religion and those who embrace their spiritual values have less chances of using drugs and substances. 


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