Essential tips to stay healthy during COVID 19 sweep.

As the world continues to experience widespread panic in the wake of the corona virus 19, it is important to keep ourselves healthy not just from the novel virus but also from stress, anxiety and depression which could be a threat to our cognitive, emotional and behavioral well-being. It is evident that the emerging of the virus is fast taking a toll on our mental health, filling us with uncertainty, fear and anxiety because of the social and economic challenges we face and to the larger extent, ageing our daily way of life, our relationships with other and our physical health too.

However, it is important to remain strong for our children, families and loved ones at this moment. Therefore, here are some tips to remain in the right mental framework and shape during this moment.

Keeping in touch with loved ones across the entire world.

Humans are social beings and cannot live without interaction with others as well as the environment in which they reside in. Therefore, it is imperative for you and others too to engage in interactions with others. While increased physical interaction have been out on a hold, it is vital that we keep in touch with our loved one through computer mediated messages, social media, phone and video calls, E-mails and many other technological ways of facilitating contact with others.

This is because knowing that your loved ones are alive and safe will give you peace of mind and retard your stress and anxiety levels.

Indulge in activities that will bring version 2.0 of yourself.

In as much as staying home can be monotonous especially for extroverts, you can take this chance to engage in activities that will be beneficial to you and the world once you are out there. Take some time to develop your, abilities, qualities and talents to unlock a better version of yourself. Practice your Art, football skills, train your vocals, learn new dance moves, write a book, a song or a poem and many other activities that qualify as your hobby or life endeavor. All this can be done in the premises of your home.

You can also engage in learning a new skill like learning a new language or gardening; planting flowers around your house, nurturing and watching them grow will give you satisfaction. Doing such activities will keep you away from worrying and enhance your ability to cope with negative situations. Plus, people will get to see an improved version of who you are when they world is back to normal.

Practice good lifestyle habits.

Staying at home is definitely not a ticket to eating unhealthy food and accommodating bad habits to kill monotony.

This is actually the time to exercise regularly, eat well and go to bed at a reasonable time in view of getting enough rest. This will help you remain in both good physical and mental shape.

Take time enhance your spiritual stance.

It is important to keep a level eye in terms of spirituality. For Christians, reading the bible and dedicating yourself to prayer is another way of avoiding stress and anxiety because Jesus Christ has promised rest for all those who are burdened if we ask him, which is a perfect consolation to remind us that he has the whole world in his hands and that we are safe and protected from disease, plague and other tribulations. Faith, belief and trust in God to protect us in this moment will definitely give us peace of mind and a sense of victory over the suffering of the world.

Start an online business to Carter for your basic needs.

With the wake of the corona virus19, almost everything has shifted to the digital age, school, worship including business. You can start an online shop and prepare delivery services for your clients and customers.

The most important part is to always keep yourself safe. Follow the healthy rules that have been given to us. Social distancing, wash your hands regularly, avoid touching surfaces in public places and stay one or two meters apart from another person and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.