Playboy has a heart…. part 2

“Please save me” the woman said, using the last of her strength to tighten her grip on his wrist before collapsing into his gentle arms. Jason swept her off her feet as he hurried into the elevator. It felt like forever in there as he nervously glanced over his anonymous patient. If she died, she would be the first patient he would have lost since his first internship. Soon the elevator doors opened and luckily there were some nurses in the hallway. They hurried towards him with a stretcher and whisked the woman away to the emergency room. Jason panted, frightened by the ordeal at the same time embracing the feeling of relief. Suddenly, his thoughts rushed back to his waiting patient.

Oh, God, I’m late!” he yelped as he rushed towards the theater room. Luckily, he was on time and the surgery on one of the country’s wealthiest men began. Later, after his surgery, Jason took a walk down the hallway to see if he could find someone who needed immediate medical attention. Suddenly, he stopped, hearing someone call his name from behind. The caller approached him with a sparkle of warmth. it was the nurse who had helped him carry his anonymous patient to the emergency room.

“Ms. Gee…” He smiled warmly.

“I hope you didn’t miss your patient this morning, Doc”

“It was a close call” Jason grinned. ” But, the patient is stable”

” I wish I could say the same…for the woman you brought in”

” Didn’t you send her to doctor Dan?” Jason asked, flashing Ms. Gee a look of concern. ” Is she alright?”

” She has cancer, doc. From what I heard she has little chance of survival” Ms. Gee replied sadly. ” She refuses to go on with chemo…”

“Get me doctor Dan, I would like to take over her case” Jason said. He patted Ms. Gee’s shoulder fondly before walking away. He had reassured her, reiviving her lost hope for a patient.


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