“Psychology with Muna” to debut this Wednesday.

Psychology with Muna is a article segment by Munandalu Monze, set to debut on 100mirrors, this Wednesday, 30th of September, 2020. This segment will consist of Psychological deliberations that Munandalu will be addressing every fortnight in order to help us understand more about Psychology.

Image: Munandalu Monze

As a young and high spirited Munandalu, his keen and undisputed interest is one that had been intrigued by a life tragedy that almost took his life and it’s a miracle that he survived. One can in fact easily say that it was a turning point of his life as it prompted him to view the world differently.

Muna believes that God has given him yet another chance hence, his great passion for family life and being of service to Him at any given chance.
He is particularly passionate about philosophy, human interactions and lending a helping hand to people. Thus, his interest in love based books and this is also the reason why he decided to study psychology and was successfully enrolled in that field.

Muna is relentlessly still pursuing his degree at Rusangu University located in Monze Zambia since 2017 and he is now doing his attachments awaiting graduation.

He hopes to see a shift of attitude towards mental health for he believes that it has been neglected while it is an important part of life just as important as physical health. His desire is to see a redeemed social condition, Happy families, youths who know their purpose and he seeks to see the kind in humankind and this is the reason Psychology with Muna was birthed. To share the world of Psychology in it’s truest, practical and simplest sense.


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