PoeticThursdays: Silent Whispers in the night.

Poem on women and violence

Hurt and numb from pain, she sits on the cold floor. Tears roll down her cheeks but, never to be seen.

He violates her yet, she keeps silent, only whispers from her heart blown away by the quiet wind in her mind.

“It’s my fault” she thinks  yet, her body cries for liberty and enlightenment. 

The hand that promised to hold her for better or for worse today hits her face with brutality and ruthlessness. Was it violence he promised when he said I do on the alter before God?

He promised her the world; love and support till death turns both of them to dust but, all she ever gets is pain; pain in her body, mind and soul. She seeks for freedom, yet her spirit is crushed and hopeless. 

She wants to speak out but society tells her she is wrong to talk back  because submission is a way of the woman.

How long will she endure the physical pain conjoined with feelings of disappointment, regret, worthlessness and shame?.

If she dare leaves him, her home will be broken and society will label her as a misfit; woman unable to keep her home. 

She fears for hers and her children’s lives, remaining silent about a story that she knows is meant to be told but, who will listen when social norms are in support of her assailant.

The law is on her side but, who will save her from the emotional trauma and stress her heart has been caused? 

Who will save her from society’s chit-chats about her broken heart and home when all is said and done?. 

In a world where maleness is norm, a woman’s body is not her own.

One laments over physical pain while another weeps over sexual pain; both inflicted by their loved ones while customs and traditions continue to enact rules of conduct on women in their homes, advising them to keep quiet and submit. 

Silence! Whimpers of pain and fears is all she knows, an education enshrined in her from old, generation after generation to endure so much anguish that the law on its own offers no aid because she is without voice. 

Why keep silent? Why whisper? 

Woman, bone of his bones and a companion but, alas most homes harbor broken women, made numb and cold by violation.

Time and time again, her pain reflects in her eyes but trust is all gone. She is unable to trust the world and the people in It to secure her life and all she can do is watch and wait, silently whispering words of hope to herself. It will be well but, alas it never ends well.

The life of a woman is quite a sad tale when all her hopes and dreams are shattered by what society calls a prestigious institution- marriage.

Does a woman become a slave, prey to a man upon marriage? If not, why is domestic violence on the rise with women being shamed by family members for revealing the truth about the abuse?

Is there more to life for a married woman than suffering silently; whispering Lamentations in the night, never to be heard by an ear of aid?

Heartbreaking, that violence can cause so much silence. GBV needs to stop, one way or the other. Your hands are blood stained if you keep watching sterned.


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