PoeticThursdays: psalm of gratitude.

What happiness it is when you find a home in a soul.

The smile that comes when you know you can count on their call.

The relief that settles in your heart when you hear their voice, whispering it’s going to be okay.

What joy it is to find a soul so kind; their words are soothing even in the change of tide.

You can’t help but be happy when they are around; their presence is just like home.

In merry and in sorrow, you experience the feeling of bliss. It lingers on true and fair and I can testify.

Is it luck or destiny? That a lifeguard of all times is existent in your life.

How sweet that you have that someone you pray to never lose. A friend of all seasons; a companion of all days.

So faithful, loyal that it sometimes feels like a dream; unreal and fleeting.

Yet, it is true so let’s take time to thank God for the beautiful people we have in our lives. Whether male or female, tell them;

I love you!


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