Special feature: Hello sweet August #poem

Hello hello!

Sweet August in my soul, sweet August in my heart.

The Gradiolus blooms, the Poppy shoots; happy flowers in the month of August sweeten the air, and make it’s fragrance fair.

Happy babies, happy souls; born in August, a soothing tale. Majestic at heart, wealthy in the mind, over flowing into the world.

Hello sweet August; clad in gold and purple are your little ones. Insignias of prowess and meekness. The strength of Leo♌, the lion is bestowed upon you.

August born, August mind. Heart of gold, loving and caring. Faithful to man; faithful to nature. Stand tall, o August child! For the August festival is around the corner.

Blessed day, blessed month. The hand of the almighty is on you. Kneel down and praise him too.

Oh sweet August; how it gladdens my heart that you are here; casting the gift of age on us.

Hello hello!

Sweet August in my mind; sweet August of my life.

A happy new month to all my esteemed readers and a happy birthday to everyone born in August.♥️♥️♌🦁

Disclaimer: no copyright for images.


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