Busk in a lifetime of clear skin – part 1

Ever heard of the saying “First impressions are important”? Well, because of unforeseen circumstances and situations in life, this is unfair but, it is a true fact of life. Every human being is first  judged by their physical appearance and skin problems like Acne Vulgaris are capable of influencing one’s quality of life tremordously.

Acne Vulgaris is the world’s number one skin disease that manifests itself through blemishes, spots, zits, whiteheads and blackheads, and pimples; affecting entirely every human being without racial, ethnic, age  or gender discrimination.

Being complex and chronic, acne is relentless and incurable once it break out. However, this condition is controllable but, your indecisiveness to live an acne free life can make it thrive even more.

Dermatologists all around the world have proved through research and creation of skin care products that acne is controllable with the right combination of skin care treatments which will be featured later on but, there is need to look into our daily habits that pose as deadly acne boosters.

Knowing you skin

As a human being knowing what is good for our physical health is of vital importance. Get to know your skin, understand it and discover what makes you itch or what makes you get a certain kind of rash. Bottom line is, we should look out for our skin just like we take care of our hearts and body weight through correct eating habits. Diet is not necessarily the cause of acne but, it is a major contributing factor to worsening it.

For example , high glycemic foods, hormones in meat and milk and iodine found in salt and fish have been proven to be common factors in encouraging acne breakout therefore it is important to lookout for such foods and avoid eating them if you discover that you are allergic to them.

Foods and drinks.

Every man knows the love language of chocolate because of the wonders it performs in their romantic relationships. Chocolate is of course a universal favourite for women; telling a woman to refrain from eating chocolate is like prohibiting a child from having breast milk and the result is deviance but, dear lady; chocolate’s ability to enrich your acne infested skin with even more acne is remarkably undoubted. That chocolate you are receiving as a romantic gesture is an acne booster which flares up the skin condition. Let it go or perhaps minimize on intake. Whatever you do keep in mind that it helps worsen acne.

This also applies to sodas and french fries – yummy right? But, you have to let it go.

Beauty and Glam

Oh this is a tough one! Eye shadow, concealer, foundation and tan; we cannot do without them especially now that the make up culture is becoming a trend as people continue to adopt pop cultural norms and values. Both Mena and women prefer to have their makeup done before a photoshoot, a family gathering or friends day out; yes, men too! And once you get back, exhausted from the day’s work, you just rush into bed sheets and fall asleep.

This is a huge problem for you and a plus for acne because forgetting to wash off your make up, exfoliate and cleanse your face will cause problems for your skin by clogging you skin pores; allowing oil build up in the pores which later become pimples.

Besides put in mind that while make up make you look more beautiful and glamorous, not every make up product is suitable for your skin. This takes us back to our first point of knowing your skin and it’s likes and dislikes.

This also applies to skin care products.


Avoiding stress in this busy and uncertain world of ours is almost impossible because of unforeseen circumstances and situations we face everyday but,the need to control our stress levels is vital because It is also a contributing factor to acne build up.

The more stressed you are, the more your body releases Cortisol, a hormone that boosts acne and makes it worse. This in turn will cause you more stress due to anxiety and the process because a cycle.

Stress can be controlled by cutting off unnecessary obligations, meetings and activities, replacing them with adequate sleep and ready, proper dietary routine and exercises.


In as much as sunlight is good for our bodies’ well-being, it is an acne booster as well. Unnecessary skin exposure to sunlight should be avoided because it worsens acne breakouts. Sun rays have bad effects on the skin like Cancers, pigmented spots, wrinkles, acute burns and the list goes on.

Avoid popping Zits

Wow! this  is another difficult task when you have acne. We are all culprits when it comes to pooping Zits on our faces but, this temptation must be resisted no matter what.

It surely helps toget rid of blackheads but, it drives bacteria deeper, preparing the way for a worser skin infection. Secondly, popping Zits only put us at risk of damaging our skins resulting into scarring and marks.

Acne is incurable hence, having clear skin is a decision that one has to make. It comes with sacrifices of habits you cheerish the most and consistency in usage of skin care treatments because once you stop, acne will be back, knocking at your door. However, achieving a life of clear skin is possible and it is a joy giving achievement.

Good luck as you work on your habits, hope you come back for the next segment of this post.


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