PoeticThursdays: Child of mine

I will caress you with my gentle hands; you will know my touch even from the inside, I will feed you, so you won’t be hungry and I will let you drink from the cup of fulfilled promises because I will not let you down, child of mine.

I will bring you forth into this world; care for you, love you like my own self. Child of mine, will you hearken to my voice of affections?

Though the world be cruel, my love for you will be truest. Though your beloved Papa leaves, I will strive to make you thrive. Child of mine, will you grow in my hand?

I will swiftly watch over you; lay down in peace and harmony. I will sing you songs of mine heart; hold onto you as you step up and down for the first time. I will be thine pillar. O, child of mine will you hold unto me?

Sadly, the world is a dead end, not promising luxury but I will walk and run just for you; feed you till your belly is filled, craving no one. They will taunt you but, I will approbe you; they will tease you but, I will strengthen you, child of mine, just listen when I call.

It won’t be easy; just you and I but, believe that if I carried you while little, I will carry you even when you are grown. Child of mine, will you walk with me?

I will nurse your wounds; feel your brow. I will embrace thine body, make you warm when the weather is coldest. I will kneel in prayer just for your well-being. Touch your head and bless you and thy generation because I love you. Child of mine, do you know how much I feel for you?

I will weep when you wail; I will be merry when you are cheery. Our hearts are one, beating fast and slow together. I will make a way for you the best possible way I can. Child of mine, do you doubt my words?

Finally, I will pray for you when my end is come. Cover you wholly in the shadow of God’s grace. I will console you, help you grow that when the time is right, you will remember me; you will remember what I did and child of mine, you won’t dare leave thy child alone; for love must be felt but, above all shared with our beloved.

That is my gift because my love for you is a mother’s love.

Child of mine, is it enough?


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