The uncovered veil of female pedophiles and sexual predators.

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Today’s topic is a controversial one. Nonetheless,  it is of vital importance for awareness and sensitization’ sake. We are going to look at different topics embedded in one as it all leads to the problem we are facing at hand. 

Our societies are full of widespread stories about sexual child abuse ranging from child difilement, harassment, molestation and rape which has been followed by threats from perpetrators in view of buying the victim’s silence and to a greater extent murder of the victim to silence them from revealing the atrocious sexual ordeal to others. 

Reading the newspapers, it is clear that most of the trending stories on sexual abuse have girls and women as victims but, this is not always the case as boys and men can be victims of sexual abuse too. 

This topic is always uncovered by the media; concealed to the eyes of public by perpetrators, victims and witnesses in society but, this is not the media’s fault alone for society and the families of these boys and men are failing them tremendously, to the extent where female sexual assailants are left to roam the streets, unconvicted and tried by the legal system.

Firstly, we are tend to think that girls are in more danger of sexual violence and abuse because they have been seemed as the vulnerable ones in most stories circulating in our communities, on primetime news and in newspapers, magazines and online via social media platforms but, the real danger falls on those whose stories are undocumented because no body knows it’s happening and nobody is doing anything to stop it.

Sometime back, some male folk took to Twitter, lamenting over their past sexual abuses of rape and defilement and I got to read about each one of their sexual encounters engraved with an experience of pain, trauma and confusion. They are all grown up now but, the memory of being forced into a sexual act still lingers in their minds. They managed to keep this truth from everyone else for so long simply because they were not sure they would be taken seriously after reporting the issue; and most importantly, they were probably afraid of being ridiculed for allowing a female to overpower them as well as not taking the issue in a manly manner as others would put it.

Therefore, I believe that boys are also in danger from female pedophiles and sexual predators but, we never focus on that because the media has taught us that the male folk are always culprits. 

Furthermore, I have heard of stories where men approached the police department concerning the issue and we’re turned down with ridicule for letting a woman have her way with them but truth is a crime is a crime whether it has been committed by a woman or a man. Therefore, society, media and law should not be biased towards this issue.

I see a prodigious number of campaigns against defilement and rape of girls and women but, I don’t seense the same effort being exerted on curbing the vice on the boys and men’s side which is pretty much unfair and inhumane because the pain, anguish and trauma the females go through when they are sexually abuse is also the same pain, anguish and trauma the male folk go through. Abuse is never easy on anyone so, let’s take heed and sensitise people on the issue.

There are two sides of the same coin

Anonymous; American idiom.

Another concern is that, men are taught from a young age to be manly and act manly and so, to some extent sexual abuse is sometimes used as an excuse whereas the female perpetrators claim that they are teaching their young male victim how to please a women and be a man but, this is all a lie. Protect both your girl and boy child from abuse by sensitizing them on such tricks and ensure that they are aware of the fact that if someone ever abused them, they have the right to tell someone about it without shame. 

It’s not just the girls and women we need to keep safe and not just the female we need to protect from sexual abuse. Let’s fight for all humanity without biases in our societies. We have a responsibility to do so whether it’s a family member, friend, stranger or teacher/mentor. 

Abolish sexual abuse by spreading awareness and let’s all look out for our young brothers and sisters out there. #StopRape #StopDifilement #StopchildAbuse

We can also avoid the challenge of having our children targeted by pedophiles and sexual predators by ensuring that they are not exposed to social media platforms at a young age and also ensure that we choose proper children’s outfits for them. The problem with some parents is that they want to make their children wear clothes that are meant for adults and more those that are worn in Showbiz. Let’s be reminded that entertainment is there to entertain us and not make us lose our sense of rationality, style, attitude, behavior and culture in general. Let’s work together to uncover the veil of female pedophiles and sexual predators!


2 thoughts on “The uncovered veil of female pedophiles and sexual predators.

  1. You are so right. Women can be pedophiles. Boys can be victims of sexual abuse (as many who were abused by pedophile priests were), just as men can be victims of domestic abuse. I try to point this out on my own blog A Voice Reclaimed, though I generally write from the female perspective. If you any of your readers are interested, two of my posts from the male perspective can be found at and Many thanks for highlighting this problem.

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