PoeticThursdays: Showers of emotion.

Though I be angry, the deeds can never be reversed.

Though I be disappointed, my trust will remain broken still.

Though I be rude, I won’t be the better person.

Though I be hateful, I won’t experience inner peace and satisfaction.
Though I cry, my tears could never be enough.

Though I love, what good is it for the wrong person?

Though I be happy outwardly, my sadness will linger from within.

Though I be silent, what good is my unspoken despair?

Though I laugh, those teeth, white as snow are a hedge harbouring my pain.

Though I forget, the sorrow that my heart felt is a memory.

Though I forgive, how will I learn to lean on what broke me?

Though I run, my past, present and future will meet in secret.

Though I make excuses for you, it won’t run off the marks left by your misconduct.

Emotion, what thou art that I must feel with no escape?
Demanding my attention without asking for it, cuddling my thoughts as though loving but, only mayhem to cause.

All this emotion caused by one seed. Does he exist to make my life bittersweet?

Perhaps it’s time to let go, sprite. The lotus flowers have bloomed, awaiting for you to lie in them; in peace, forgiveness and understanding that the world itself is two-faced, how then can it not harbor the two-faced generation?

I forgive you but will love you no more.


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