Friday Reminders: A friend loves at all times.

Hello lovelies, happy Friday and I hope you had a wonderful Thursday.

It’s been a while with you and i apologise for my quietness in the last few months. Nonetheless, I am back and here to stay ♥️

Today’s topic on friends! I’m here to remind you of the importance of friendship in our world.

Friendship is concerned with relationships of mutual affection between two or more people. It is a type of interpersonal bond that holds more power than other bonds such as associations and acquaintances.

Friendship is an important aspect of life and this is why it has been studied in academic fields such as Communication, Social-psychology, Sociology and Philosophy

Philosopher Aristotle identified three types of friendships; friendship based on utility or pleasure, friendship based on mutual appreciation of each other’s values and friendship based on virtues.

The first two types are accidental friendships. Hence, they are indepthly limited and do not last for a long time.

But,  friendships based on virtues build the strongest connections and last for a lifetime because the best friendships should be based on appreciation of character rather than transactional value because they stand the chance of shaping our lives for the better.

Often times, give and take friendships cause trouble because they are based on transactions. If your friend is friends with you because you are richer, there are chances he or she will not desire for you two to be friends once he/she gets rich. That is because the reason why the friendship existed in the first place is no longer there. In the same vein, if friendship was based on the value of pleasure. The moment one person withdraws and discards this value, you have to say goodbye to this interpersonal bond.

As such, as you make friends, make sure they are friends with you and you are friends with them because of  appreciation of character than transactional value because your friendship might be deemed as fake one of these days when it ceases to exist.


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