PoeticThursdays: I wonder

With my head held high; eyes in the sky, I gaze at the light of day, shining so bright. Then, I wonder; I truly wonder. Why can’t I have that picture in my heart?

The sky is so blue, I stare with eyes so luscious as the birds fly and tease. I wish I had their peace, soaring up high in the skies; a the mixture of blue and silver; purple, orange, yellow and grey.

These colours fill me with the rainbow thoughts, pining to be heard;pining for an ear that listens to silence.

What about the clouds and their texture? They call to me for touch; just one touch that compels me to wonder. Yes, I truly wonder. Why is it impossible for my hand to reach?

I have clever questions but no answers. The world is full of knowledge; vast and broad but no wisdom. Then I wonder, alas I truly wonder why we never seek answers for the right questions.


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