PoeticThursdays: I heard a song once.

I Heard a song once poem by Muzhinga Kankinda.

I heard a song once.

Then I went back, replayed and listened to every lyric.

Soothing words, calling me to order, enshrining peace in my heart with every beat.

The rhythm is pure like white, cleansing me of every hurt, hence there is no need to revolt.

My time is now, I feel it taking over and I realize that the rebooting period is over.

The song playing in my ears is open and honest. I don’t want to go back to the oven.

It’s a past, burning hot with coldness intact. It’s a dreadful place.

Believe me, you I am grateful- grateful to be in a new place.

Shame on me for making lame excuses and staying without the grace.

Shame on me for driving off the muses and crushing the chances.

Shame on me for lowering my head and covering my struggling faces.

But hearts off to me for calling out my pain.

I am leading a new life, and writing it down with a smiley pen.

I am breathing new air and watering my name so it grows.

There is no need to cry, or say good-bye because I am not bad.

I am just free, because I heard a song once and replayed it, listening to its soul.


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